On this page, I have captured the latest thinking on moving to a service based business.

Organising Servitization: an in-depth case study

A recent paper by Taija Turunen and Andy Neely identifies the structural changes that are needed when a manufacturer seeks to increase its service provision. This paper illustrates how different organisational tensions emerged in a manufacturing organisation during the shift to services.





Factors influencing service complexity: The perspective of servitized manufacturers

This recent paper by Ornella Benedettini explores the characteristics of service complexity, and provides a detailed breakdown of the meaning of complexity in services specifically targeted at supporting the development of tools and methodologies that managers can use to measure and manipulate the complexity embodied by their service businesses.





From Processes to PromiseFrom Processes to Promise: How complex service providers use business model innovation to deliver sustainable growth.

In this white paper Ivanka Visnjic and Andy Neely highlight industry’s need to shift to complex services and the role of business model innovation. The paper identifies 12 practical steps for executives responsible for introducing new business models. Published by kind permission of Andy Neely – Cambridge Service Alliance.





Servitisation and the Future of Manufacturing

Servitisation and the Future of Manufacturing by Andy Neely

This report released by Barclays Plc, in association with the Cambridge Service Alliance, identified that UK manufacturers are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage by not offering services as well as products. Published by kind permission of Andy Neely – Cambridge Service Alliance.



More than Making ThingsMore than making things by Andrew Sissons

Today’s manufacturers don’t just sell products – they sell solutions, experiences and outcomes. The rise of manu-services provides an ideal opportunity for the UK to lead the world, helping the UK move towards a re balanced economy. But manu-services are challenging and competitive, and the government must act now to ensure that UK businesses can take advantage of this new approach to making things. Published by kind permission of Andrew Sissons – The Work Foundation.




The Servitisation of Manufacturing: A Longitudinal Study of Global Trends

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